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No upfront cost. Pay only for what you use.

Simple Rate Limit Pricing

$.000005 per limit check req (L4)

~ $13/month per req/s

Only pay for API requests that are uncacheable

Simple Config Management Pricing


$.0001 per config update sent

FeatureFlag Pricing

No additional charge beyond config

No extra charge per user account

No extra charge per MAU

No extra charge per invocation of the flag


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How should I estimate how many concurrent connections I will have?
You can expect 1 connection per active developer and 1 connection per instance in each environment you have. Do be sure to run your Prefab client in a singleton object so you don't end up spawning more than you need to. If you are running in a language like Ruby that often uses multiple processes instead of threads you'll need to account for a connection per process.
How fast is
In data we trust, see our realtime performance metrics in Performance
How reliable is
Reliability is a critical consideration adding us to your infrastructure. Read about our belt & suspenders approach in Prefab reliability