Don't rebuild the wheel

No upfront cost. Pay only for what you use.

Simple Pricing

$.000005 per limit check req (L4)

$.00005 per limit check req (L5)

$.0001 per limit upsert req

$.0001 per limit return req

$.0001 per config value update

Only pay for uncacheable requests

Save 50% on your Usage Tracking bill

If your event service charges you $99 per 1M points and do 20M points/month. And Ratelimiting can save you 50% of your events. You save $1000 for the price of $100, a net savings of $900 / month.

Great API Client Caching Saves Money

The APIs do everything they can to limit how often you'll actually hit the API. Once you've gone over a rate-limit we cache until the next possible time it would be possible to get a token.

Feature flags are built on our distributed config, so hitting them costs nothing extra. See how that leads to $4.20 / month for essentially unlimited usage

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