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Simple, Zero-Knowledge Secret Management for All Your Services

CLI Based Workflow

Your secrets are encrypted locally and Prefab never sees them unencrypted.

Don’t Pay Per User for Shared Secrets

Secrets are just a few bytes of config and libraries that run AES.
You don't need to pay $19.99 / user just to share a secret between Rails and Node.

Stop using Slack to transfer API keys

Your developers need a Prefab API Key and a single shared secret and they'll never have to worry about their .env files again.

Achieve whatever RBAC you need with a flexible secret model that allows as many encryption keys as you need.

Share Secrets Across Languages & Applications

Like Rails Credentials style secrets, but have a Node app and a Python app that need to share?

Prefab secret management brings the same style of secret management to all of your applications.

Easy & Reliable Secret Management Starts Here

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