Log Levels

Change log levels on the fly

Whether it’s a fire in production or sleuthing a complex bug in staging, sometimes there’s nothing better than the humble Log.debug statement.

The problem? Your levels are set to only log warnings and it’s a royal PITA to change it.

The solution? Simply add the prefab library and use our UI to change log levels. The library listens for changes and immediately updates the logging configuration.

Laser focus to debug

Getting DEBUG level from a class is great, but sometimes we need more precision than that. Have 500k devices in the field and need DEBUG level logging from 12 of them? Done.

Target your log levels to by user_id, team or transaction_id, aws region or service. Whatever your dimensions are, you can laser target logging output level.

Save money

We’ve all been there. Staring at a logging aggregator bill that is over the top. What to do?

Use prefab flexibility to help you dial back on “just in case” logging but still be able to turn it on at a moment's notice.

Don’t forget and leave things on. Use timed DEBUG sessions that automatically reset after 30 min.