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Jeff Dwyer on November 27, 2023

9 Things I Hate About Environment Variables

Jeff Dwyer on November 20, 2023

Before You Lograge

Jeff Dwyer on November 13, 2023

Feature Flags in VSCode

Jeffrey Chupp on October 23, 2023

LSP: Writing a Language Server in Bash

Jeff Dwyer on September 26, 2023

Dynamic Config for OpenAI & Python

Andrew Yip on September 26, 2023

How to Use Feature Flags in React

James Kebinger on September 20, 2023

Time-series Data rollups without in-database date functions

James Kebinger on September 19, 2023

TL;DR: Origin Response Headers In Fastly Logs

Jeff Dwyer on September 19, 2023

Release: Structured Logging for Ruby and Rails

James Kebinger on September 18, 2023

TL;DR: Targeting Datadog Slack Alerts to Different Channels By Environment

Jeff Dwyer on September 15, 2023

Top 8 Features from Prefab this Summer

Jeffrey Chupp on September 14, 2023

Hands-On LSP Tutorial: Configuration

Jeffrey Chupp on September 12, 2023

Hands-On LSP Tutorial: Building a Custom Auto-Complete

Jeff Dwyer on September 11, 2023

Let's talk Tagged Logging vs Structured Logging in Ruby or Rails

James Kebinger on September 5, 2023

Dynamically Changing log4j or logback log levels in Java

James Kebinger on August 29, 2023

Resiliency Through Dynamic Health Check Configuration

Jeff Dwyer on August 24, 2023

A Redis Cache Migration With Feature Flags

Jeffrey Chupp on August 18, 2023

Making Front End Logging Useful

James Kebinger on August 10, 2023

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use PostgreSQL Dialect Google Spanner

Jeffrey Chupp on August 10, 2023

Time-traveling Ruby Logger

Jeff Dwyer on August 8, 2023

The Joy of Variant Assignment with Prefab Feature Flags - Building a Feature We Love

Jeffrey Chupp on June 20, 2023

Gem install sassc is always going to be slow. Your Docker builds don't have to be.

Jeff Dwyer on May 22, 2023

7 Ruby Feature Flag Tools Compared

Jeff Dwyer on April 27, 2023

Some Opinions on Tracking Users

Jeff Dwyer on April 24, 2023

From Debug to Panic - Comparing Log Levels Across Top Languages

Jeff Dwyer on April 18, 2023

Log Levels Are Useless, Or Are They…

Jeff Dwyer on April 11, 2023

Changing Log Levels At Runtime - Rails

Jeff Dwyer on February 1, 2023

Micrometer Gauges, Datadog and Kubernetes