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Top 8 Features from Prefab this Summer

· 3 min read
Jeff Dwyer

Prefab Summer

As the sun blazed outside, our team was hard at work (mostly inside). We're excited to share the fruits of our labor with you. Here's 7 Big Features we shipped this summer:

JS Dynamic Logging in the Browser

We've always had the ability to dynamically change your log levels. But now you can do it from the front end. This is a great way to debug a specific user or context and turns browser logging collection from an expensive firehose into a targeted laser.

Dynamic Javascript Logging

Timed Loggers

Ever turned logging to debug and forgotten to turn it back to warn? That can be an expensive mistake. Save yourself from necessary logging costs due to "oops" by setting a logger to be debug for just an hour. It will automatically revert when then hour is up.


Evaluation Charts

Are your feature flags really evaluating like you think they are? How often is this dynamic config being used? Is this flag a zombie? Our new charts report the evaluation telemetry so you can see a clear and concise view of how your configurations are running in the wild.



Feature Flags aren't just for product teams anymore. Engineers, we've got you covered too! With our new multi-context feature, you can now tailor your FF experience to your specific role and needs. I wrote more about how better feature flags for engineers in Feature Flags for a Redis migration.

This is something that only the top-tier Feature Flag players support so we're excited to level up and join them. Here's an example of targeting a feature flag to a availability zone:

multi context

Dynamic Config Rules

Our dynamic configuration has taken a leap forward as well. Detailed targeting rules aren't just for feature flags anymore. With our enhanced rule & criteria capabilities, you can now customize and target your dynamic configuration. Combine this with multi-context and dynamic config really gives developers a new level of power working with their deployed systems.

config rules

Context Search & Variant Assignment

Prefab now lets you search the contexts that have been evaluated. This means you can search for any user and find the associated contexts that they're evaluated with.

But there's more! From the context details page, you can now assign specific variants, giving you a convenient way to put people in a feature. Read more in The Joy of Variant Assignment with Prefab Feature Flags

Context Search

Improved Code Samples

We understand the importance of context. That's why we've enriched our code samples to help see which context attributes need to be present for you flag to evaluate according to the rules.


Shared Segments

Shared segments is a power feature that lets you re-use segments across your flags and configs. Our user interface now supports this which allows you to DRY up your rules.

Shared segments

Next Steps

Next up? We asked ourself what the best way to use Feature Flags would be and we came up with something we didn't know was possible. Turns out it's possible :)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! Or Book a Demo to get a tour of the latest and greatest.

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