Prebuilt Infrastructure as a Service

client = "ACCT|API_KEY")
@feature_flags = client.feature_flag_client

# Create a flag that is on for 10% of traffic, the entire beta group and user:1
@feature_flags.upsert( "MyFeature",
                                              pct: 0.1,
                                              whitelisted: ["betas", "user:1"]))
# Use Flags By Themselves
puts @feature_flags.feature_is_on? "MyFeature"  # returns yes 10 pct of the time

# A single user should get the same result each time
# with 10% probability user1123 will return yes, and if they do they always will
puts @feature_flags.feature_is_on? "MyFeature", "user:1123"

# Utilize the allowlist attributes to easily feature flag groups of people
puts @feature_flags.feature_is_on_for? "MyFeature",
                                       attributes: ["betas"]}"

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