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Feature Flags, Dynamic Configuration & Experimentation made easy

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Dynamic Configuration

Want a reliable distributed config like Consul / Zookeeper that works out of the box and is cost-effective?
This is the sort of technology that is usually only available at large tech savvy FAANG, but there's no reason you shouldn't have it too..

Feature Flags

Don't leave home without them. Feature flags enable Moving Fast and Breaking Less. Our flags can be: on, off, on for a percentage of your traffic and on for specific users or users that match specific criteria.


Prefab FeatureFlags form the underpinnings of a powerful experimentation system. Record exposure events and pipe them to your warehouse for analysis. Or send Prefab you conversion event stream to enable Multi-Armed bandit testing.

Great, ergonomic libraries for engineers

High quality libraries make integrating Prefab.Cloud into you code a pleasure. Local overrides for manual testing? We thought about that. Fixed values for unit testing? We've got you covered.

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Reliability is Job #1

Uptime is incredibly important to us at Prefab.Cloud but configuration is critical infrastructure so it's important to have a belt & suspenders approach.
Prefab.Cloud clients store all config locally so they are robust to network blips or outtages. If Prefab.Cloud is unavailable all clients will continue to work as is because they keep config locally, but they will not be able to receive new configuration.
If Prefab.Cloud is unavailable new clients will be able to start as long as they can read from Amazon Cloudflare/S3. An updated copy of your config is always available in Cloudflare/S3 so clients can bootstrap off this highly available source.

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Don't rebuild the wheel
Simple. Fast. Cost effective.

Straightforward, fair, pricing is a core element of Prefab's promise.
We charge you when our servers do work.


Core Technology


  • Unlimitted Configs
  • Unlimited Projects
  • $.02 / config update
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Feature Flags

Enterpise Level Features


  • No additional charge beyond config
  • No charge per user
  • $1 / 10k Client/Mobile Requests
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Leverage AB Testing

$1/10k Exposures

  • Exposure Tracking
  • Multi-Armed Bandit as a Service
  • Integrates with Segment
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Fully Operational Feature Flags

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational platform!
Seriously, Prefab.Cloud has it where it counts. Instantaneous feature flag updates, powerful segmentation features, developer friendly debugging experience, robust audit logs. We've got everything you need.

Instant Updates

Instantaneous local flag evaluation backed by a sophisticated streaming system that keeps all your servers up to date instantaneously.

Powerful Segmentation

Create reusable segments, Powerful matching rules & Target specific users

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