About Us

Prefab is doing something different.

Once upon a time we worked at a big company and enjoyed the fruits of a really A+ developer experience team. But time passed and we moved on... and immediately missed it all.

Prefab exists because we want there to be an ecosystem of tools that plays together perfectly. I want it opinionated but a la carte. I don't want to have to talk to any salespeople about it. I want the bits that could be open source to be open source. I want the SaaS services that grease the wheels to be so darn cost transparent that I'm comfortable putting it on my personal card to start. I want all of it to be so rock solid that it's more reliable than I could feasibly do on my own.

In the world of software there is RubyOnRails and then there is everything else. There is a reason that it's the longest tenured framework I know of. Rails is what happens when a framework is opinionated and laser focussed on making developers productive, wherever that takes it. It has opinions on everthing from templating language to database migrations, javascript compression to secret storage. Every piece comes with batteries included.

What I want is a RubyOnRails for developing with microservices. World class Feature Flags, amazing Live Configuration, and a constellation of those little microservice backed libraries like RateLimits, Experimentation, EventTracking that I don't need to write myself.

I want it to be dead simple to get going, but not some restrictive walled garden. It needs to be obscenely cost-effective & fair at all scales so it's not a trap. In the same way that typing 'rails new` gets you a robust amazing framework that is perfect for a monolith, when you add Prefab.Cloud you should be launched firmly into a happy path to a batteries included microservice world.

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